The total area of the warehouse VIMATEKS occupies 54,500 sq. m., which allows you to store cargo on different areas. Dangerous goods are stored in a separate area, in compliance of international standards for the safe storage and cargo handling. 13,750 m2 of covered warehouses allows handling of 68,500 m3 of the cargo at the same time. In the open area of the warehouse may be stored more than 100,000 m3 of cargo. The whole area is guarded by professional security service.

Customs controlled area

The warehouse complex is located in customs controlled are, which allows more effective operations with cargo. Consolidation, quality control, shipments forming, and other operations are faster and easier. Cargo is stored under customs control, respectively, accelerating the process of registration of customs declarations, certification of documents for clearance of goods at the port, etc.

Outdoor storage

Our main specialization is outdoor storage of goods. Storage in open areas is high demand in the market of warehouse services, as it is cost-effective: no need for a cost of rental and maintenance of premises. The warehouse complex under the open sky allows goods storage that do not require special temperature and humidity conditions: wood, metal, road-building machinery, etc. The list of goods, which can be stored in this way, is extending in warm seasons.

Multimodal transportation

VIMATEKS LLC provides the service of multimodal transportation.This service enables to transport goods by two or more kinds of transport under a single contract. Combined transportation (road / rail / sea) allows delivering cargo to a place designated for delivery by optimal route and minimal cost. Convenient location of VIMATEX, own locomotive and new railway lines significantly simplify and cheapen cargo delivery.