Vimateks LLC offers a full range of forwarding services:

•  Drowing up an optimal logistic scheme- multimodal transportation, combining different types of transport: road transport, rail transport; maritime transport by ship chartering; shipping by container parties;
•  Route planning of cargo delivery in a limited time;
•  Maintenance with transport due to selected transportation scheme. In particular, in the case of container shipping is available container freight service;
•  Preparation of all necessary forwarding documents;
•  Pot  forwarding;

Our  customs clearance service provides:

•  Customs registration of goods within 24 hours;
•  Electronic declaration in different customs modes;

•  Passage of radiological, environmental, phytosanitary and sanitary-epidemiological control;
•  Obtaining the necessary permits for the customs clearance of goods;
•  Filling of transportation documents (CMR, TIR, manifest, etc.);

Through long-term cooperation with major container lines, road carriers and rail freight forwarders, the company VIMATEKS ensures rapid completion of all formalities at the port and customs. Forwarding and brokerage departments of the company will help the client to issue VIMATEKS customs declarations, certificates and other documents as soon as possible.

As a result of a long-term partnership with the main container carriers, trucking companies and railway forwarders VIMATEKS can guarantee effective passing of all formalities at customs and ports. Forwarding and customs brokerage departments of VIMATEKS may help client make a customs declaration, certificates and other documents within the shortest time.