Wood products overloading

The terminal provides services for handling and container stuffing by forest round wood and lumber. In 2014, the terminal handles up to 600 railway carriages, arranging stuffing up to 1200 containers per month.

On the terminal operates a large fleet of specialized equipment, providing quick and cost-effective movement of large volumes of wood, loading / unloading of wagons, containers and trucks, stacking and sorting  wood products. Maintenance is carried out 24 hours a day, which ensures a continuous cycle of loading, unloading and staffing works.

In addition, the terminal is equipped with a 50 tons gantry crane width of 22 m, which provides an extended range of cargo handling, and storage of stuffed and empty containers.

Grain overloading

On the terminal area is situated covered hangar with two overhead cranes. For bulk cargo handling arrived by rail, terminal equipped with an increased rail path, allowing upload up to 4 wagons at a once. Service of pulling and spotting the railcars provided by the work of our own locomotive with compound up to 10 wagons.

For grain reloading terminal is equipped with a vacuum bulk handlers NEUERO with production capacity up to 100 tons per hour. The system not only removes the dust and impurities during grain overloading, but also preserves the quality and value of crops.

Chemicals and fertilizers overloading

Terminal "VIMATEKS" carries out reloading and packing of bulk cargo, including

•  chemicals (inorganic chemistry products, polymers, plastics, films, synthetic rubber, technical carbon, rubber, plasticizers and additives, paints and varnishes)

•  fertilizers (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, compound fertilizers)

For handling such cargo terminal is equipped with a conveyor line and packing screws with productivity oup to 600 bags per hour, which is equivalent of one container.